What is is a cloud-based collection management system that allows you to access and manage your collection from anywhere with a web-browser. is simple, powerful and easy to use.

You can manage all your artworks, artists, exhibitions with all sorts of related data - documents, invoices, contracts, and information concerning storage and location.


Collaboration is the best choice if you are a curator or a collection manager having to look over many groups of objects. Through our user-friendly interface you can easily handle several collections at the same time. And also, give access to the owner of the collection to browse the artworks. 

No software, no installation hassles, and free updates

Our system is web-based. This means, you don't have to download or install softwares. It is our job to improve the program with new features. And we do that, regularly. 

Security and privacy

Our company serves clients handling private and secure data. In the past 14 years more than 400 companies have chosen us to handle their data or content.  Our technology meets the highest standards in securing your data. You can trust us to guarantee your privacy. 

Why should I choose a Web-based system to manage my collection?

Today we read e-mails, do shopping, socialize, and bank online. Over the past decade, we have built and refined the best possible tools for managing your art collection online. We built to create the ideal experience for those who use it -- our clients. We don't build software to match hardware; we build software to match people. Our web-based system allows us to update our program quickly and easily throughout the year and deliver new innovations directly to our clients who use us every day.